Want to experience one of the most

STIMULATING photography workshops

EVER given in Mississippi?

We Can Help - Without You Spending Thousands Of Dollars On A Class!

Vanesha shares her knowledge with students, moms, and photo enthusiasts in ways a 5th grader can understand. We will cover the basic functions of each student's camera. My way of teaching is simple. If you are smarter than a 5th'll be fine. Any camera type is welcome in my classes however point and shoot cameras are limited in their use. We don’t just love what we do - we eat, sleep and drink what we do! 5 days a week...10 hours per day...

Photographer Vanesha Williams (owner of Vanesha Williams Photography* of Starkville, MS), has been photographing innocent smiles since 2005. In fact, Vanesha is considered an expert in her field because she is so passionate about her photographic artwork.

What to Expect During the Workshop

We will spend time teaching what your camera is designed to do and not designed to do. This is the boring theory part but we ALWAYS make it fun. We'll have a model to practice on or we will use each other. Learn how to light your subject but me pose the models to make them look their very best. Very fun! Then you will get to photograph the models using the techniques I teach you!

I will look at your photographs taken during the class and give you real time advice. It's the best way to learn. Our clients expect - the latest and the best from us! Vanesha studies year round with the very best talent in the country. Check out the slide show below to see some of her work. Adjust your volume then click on the play button for a short sample.  

What Do I need to Bring to the Workshop?

You will be working hands on with your own camera. Bring your camera with all your lenses, an on camera separate flash (if you have one). Bring extra batteries, compact disk or smart cards and the manuals for all your equipment. The most important part is to look in your manual and bookmark three things. How to change the f stop (or aperture), shutter speed and the ISO setting. If you can figure that out, you will save time in class. If you can't figure it out - don't panic. I will help you. What to bring with you to the class... Bring note taking material.

What's The Catch?

There is none. Here is OUR NO NONSENSE Guarantee! "You must be absolutely "thrilled" with the workshop you participate in. Love it - in fact lose your mind!

If not...

I will give you every penny back. No questions asked and no hard feelings either." Be aware, we have many Moms and photography enthusiats who want us to attend the workshop, unfortunately the available seats are limited. In fact, class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12 students. You can read what our client’s say about Vanesha at the bottom of this page.

Read what our clients had to say about Vanesha Williams Photography:

"I loved the pictures you took of my kids! Beautiful, natural pictures." Craig & Amy Arhus - Starkville, MS

"We had a great experience with Vanesha’s photography session. Cameron enjoyed the hands on with playing with toys. He was able to bring his personal Tricycle." Bonita S. Seals - Jackson, MS

"I would recommend all parents looking for great memorable portraits of their child to try Vanesha Willams photography. The best part of the photo shoot was trying the different backgrounds, indoor, and outdoor settings. My child loved Vanesha all he was saying when he got home was, "Cheese. Cheese" It was a great experience for him to actually want to take pictures and pose for the camera. I also enjoyed being able to personally pick out his outfits." Taquila Childs - Starkville, MS

"Tim and I were Absolutely Thrilled with our Engagement Session! You truly captured the essence of our God-sent relationship!! Thank you and God Bless!" Kenyatta Williams - Vicksburg, MS

"Hi Vanesha, Everyone loves the finished products of our family photo shoot! I was very impressed with Vanesha's professionalism, from the pre-photo shoot consultation to the presentation of the final product. The quality of our family's photos is phenomenal, and Vanesha's talent for capturing the moment shows through them. I was very pleased with our final photos and they are priceless to me. I am looking forward to working with Vanesha again, especially since we are expecting a new baby. " Melissa Dixon - Starkville, MS





(For consideration to be student in Vanesha's Workshop, you can fill out our registration form by clicking on the link above and we will contact you as soon as possible (usually the next business day) and reserve your seat. Please be patient as Vanesha does her best to accommodate students.)  
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